Hi, I’m Sandra!
I mean, you probably figured that out by now, considering you’re here at SandraCorso.com, but I guess it’s still polite to introduce myself!
I wear a lot of hats, because I could never decide what I wanted to be when I grew up.
So I didn’t.

I admire those people who are passionate about one big thing in their lives!

And, I’m not one of them.  I have so many interests!

But I’d say that the common denominator among them is that I love helping women live a life that nourishes their soul!  Whether that’s helping them create a business they love, helping them design a space they love, helping them find a town they love to call home, designing a product that makes their lives easier, writing a book that inspires them, or just walking beside them on the journey that’s calling to their soul, I’m here for it.

And if, like me, you’re one of those people who can’t decide?  I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to.  You don’t have to cut away parts of yourself until there’s nothing recognizable left in the mirror.  You are here to be a whole person, with all your dreams, interests, quirks, idiosyncrasies, personality, preferences, passions.  Everything you ARE is exactly who you were put here to be!  You don’t have to choose!

And if you spent much of your life agonizing over your choices because you grew up hearing ‘pick one thing and stick with it’, and you were afraid of getting ‘stuck’ with the wrong choice?  I hear you.

I WAS you.

In fact, the main reason I chose to start my own business is that I get to design my own roles.  Plural.  Because I can’t imagine ever being satisfied with being just one thing.  I’m here to be ALL of me!  And so are you!

Let’s begin.