Awaken the Vision!

Are you one of those people who could never decide what they wanted to be when they grew up?


Welcome to MY world!


It’s not that I lacked ambition.  I had that in spades!

It’s just that, I had so MANY ideas!

And I couldn’t decide which ONE was worth giving up all the others.

So I didn’t.

For years (decades?), what that meant was being stuck.  Drifting from one thing to another to another while I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up.


But what I finally realized is that I don’t have to choose.


I don’t have to choose whether to be:
Because I AM all those things.  I can’t help it.


And I’m here to give YOU permission to be all the things, too!

So poke around.  Take what you need.

And if you feel inspired, drop me a line and tell me all the things YOU want to be!

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