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So, are you ready to…

  • Embrace your newfound independence?
  • Stop feeling like a passenger in somebody else’s life?
  • Start driving your own life?
  • Love living life on your own?
  • Know how to handle all those people who keep trying to ‘hook you up’?
  • Identify, or create, new choices in your life?
  • Create a roadmap to a life you love?
  • And get all the support and guidance you need to forge your own path?

 Let’s talk!

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And if you’re REALLY ready to fast-track your results, in amazing locations, with fun activities, along with other independence-seeking women just like you?

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Not sure you’re ready for a deep dive just yet?  How about taking a test drive?

This four-lesson, self-paced course will help you:


  • Challenge the beliefs that make being alone feels so scary!
  • Tune out all the ‘noise’ so you can figure out what YOU want out of life!
  • Build the confidence you need to live life to the fullest!
  • And never again feel like you’re not enough on your own!



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