Everybody needs to be in a relationship in order to be happy.  Right?  Or at least, that’s what social norms would have us believe.  I mean, look at all those commercials about happy couples buying homes together and vacationing together and having romantic candlelight dinners together and having fun together.  And how often are singles portrayed as lonely, or pathetic, or putting their lives on hold until they are in a relationship.  It’s like, there is no life without a partner.  And how many of us buy into that?  After all, that’s what we’re supposed to want, isn’t it?

But how many times have you gone along with someone else’s plan when you really didn’t want to?  How often have you not done something you really wanted to do, because nobody else wanted to go?  Or how stressful is it to try to accommodate everybody’s wishes when you vacation with somebody else?  Or settling for Mexican (again!), because your friends want margaritas, when you’d really rather have sushi?  How much of you are you giving up, in order to not be alone?  Because being alone is awful, right?

The truth?  Not at all!

You know that Broadway musical you’re about to skip because your girlfriends think it’s dumb?  Guess what?  If you go, you’ll find a whole bunch of other people who think it’s awesome!  Just like you!  Or that trip you’re about to cancel because nobody wants to go with you?  If you go anyway, you get to have a good time, and meet other people there to do the same!  That hiking club that sounds like fun, but your roommate isn’t interested?  Go anyway, and you’ll meet other people who are!  The beauty of going alone is that nobody has any expectations of you, so you can just… be.  And chances are, you’ll learn something awesome about yourself!

Like loving your own company!  Because who has your best interests at heart more than you?  Who knows what you need more than you?  Who knows what you enjoy more than you?  Who knows what makes you happy more than you?  And when you take charge of your own happiness, instead of waiting for someone to come along and give it to you? You might just end up… happy!