According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of ‘identity crisis’ is:  [a] personal psychosocial conflict especially in adolescence that involves confusion about one’s social role and often a sense of loss of continuity to one’s personality.  While that sounds all clinical and official, those of us who have been there know it’s so much more than that!  This doesn’t even touch on the emotional impact, the sense of paralysis, that desperate realization that nobody understands what the big deal is, because they haven’t been there.

Well, I get it.  Because I have been there.  I know how overwhelming it is to know you have important decisions to make, and to have no idea how to decide on even the most insignificant things.  When your life was so tied up in something that’s now gone, that you haven’t a clue who you are.  When you are Suddenly Free to do anything you want, and have absolutely no idea what that is.  When that ‘freedom’ arrives against your will, it can really knock you off your foundation, and that makes it pretty much impossible to move forward.  (You can read more about my story here.)

Let me just say there is hope!  It’s going to take some digging, but I promise you the results are worth it!  You can create a life of happiness, independence, and fulfillment that you look forward to every day!  So let’s get three things straight right from the start:

Somebody gets it.

You’re not alone.

And you’re going to be okay!